Teacher, Student, IEP Goal Bank
Start Your SLP Career Stress-Free for Less Than a Coffee a Month
Congratulations! You're about to start your CF year and are on your way to a successful career in speech language pathology.

We want you to make sure it is the most energizing and joyful year possible! That's why we're offering an unprecedented deal on SLP Toolkit, the #1 software for SLPs, just for new grads! 

Simply upload proof of your graduation and we'll handle the rest!

This limited offer ends at midnight on May 31st.

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Teacher, Student, IEP Goal Bank

It's Like Having an Expert With You At All Times

Your CF Mentor will be a major lifeline this year, but cannot be with you 24/7.

With over thirty-five years combined experience as Speech Language Pathologists, we want to give YOU the tool we WISHED we had when we were CFs!
Lisa Kathman
Sarah Bevier

Paperwork Shouldn't Be Where You Spend All Your Time & Energy

When you start off your CF year, you will question if you fell asleep during the grad classes that showed you how to schedule students, manage groups of students with diverse goals, and run IEP meetings.

You didn't - we often taught theory in grad school rather than these types of critical skills. SLP Toolkit will give you the systems you need to feel like an expert your first year out of school! 

Avoid Falling Behind & Burnout in Your First Year

Relax. You’re neither unorganized or bad at your job. In reality, there’s so many frustrations that all play a factor:
  • Paperwork
  • Isolation on Campus
  • ​Burnout
  • ​Heavy Workload
You’re only human, and the absence of proper tools to manage
your responsibilities can drain your mental health and create
the feeling that you’re to blame for falling behind. 

You aren't. You simply need the right tool to help.

Meet Your New Best Friend: SLP Toolkit

  • Use built in tests/rubrics to assess progress on IEP goals in minutes and streamline your progress reports.
  • Access free literacy based lesson plans (or easily create your own!) with our Plan feature.
  • ​Take digital data in real time and use it to bill Medicaid in just 5 minutes per day!
  • Network with other SLPs like you in app (you can even share tests and lesson plans with each other)!
  • Print reports and graphs and wow your IEP team (and administrators).
  • Use built in screeners to determine current communication strengths and needs for all of your students, PK-12, ones you've had all year or ones who just transferred in!
  • ​Use the Schedule feature at the start of next school year to take the brain strain out of creating your therapy schedule.
  • ​Wonder why it took you so darn long to find us!

Protect Your Time & Energy with SLP Toolkit

Your first year after graduating can build the momentum for an incredible career. Ensure you start off with the right tools that help you succeed.

Simply upload verification of your graduation or a video on what you're most excited for in your first year as an SLP!

Take advantage of our best offer ever and start the school year with the best tool available for less than a coffee a month.
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